I love to find the things that bring people together.

I deal with relational photography.



Education and Experience

Sociologist, social animator, communications facilitator
Education: master’s degree in sociology with the specialization of social work at University of Silesia, in addition to dozens of professional trainings and workshops
Experience: I established a non-governmental organization that has been operating for over 15 years. I am involved in the activities of several NGO’s in Silesia and Lesser Poland. I have conducted many workshops, trainings, and meetings.

Librarian, media and reading literacy specialist
Education: post-graduate degree in librarianship with the specialty of reading and media education at Jagiellonian University in Kraków
Experience: I worked in libraries for almost 10 years. I began in the city library as a young librarian. After years of experience I gained greater responsibilities, including analysis and promotion, co-organizing and coordinating projects to promote reading, and training younger librarians. When I started at the university library as a manager, all we had was a little room with very few books that students didn’t want to use. Thus my responsibilities included developing the organization system still used today and accumulating the supply of books and magazines. With directors and professors, we developed research classes for students. We also reestablished the publishing center for the use of the professors. As a manager, I created cooperative relationships with many other libraries, including the Library of Congress (in the United States).

Designer, photographer, reporter
Education: Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, several specialist trainings, among others book design at the d2d Publishing House in Kraków
Experience: For many years, I authored a monthly journal for children and youth in the Silesian region.With an invitation from the University of Warsaw, I implemented an artistic project aimed at helping society see the wonderful community of Katowice through the eyes of its inhabitants.

I ran a regional journal on values, for children and young people (a project for several years), I am the author of open artistic and social projects (Civic Photography, implemented jointly with employees of the University of Warsaw and Open Book), a designer of book publications and reports, logotypes (f.ex. Bona Fides Association) and other promotional materials.

I deal with relational photography. I like to prepare reports (collecting and verifying information, editing text and preparing photographs), interviews for internet portals, reviewing books.

My portfolio: https://www.lensculture.com/ewa-waszut

contact: silesiansoul[at]gmail.com